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How to know what kind of print job you need

When you need printing for your business purposes it can be difficult to know what kind of print job is required as there are a variety of different specialist methods which can be used. Some of these include litho printing, thermography printing, embossing & foil printing, and digital printing. The following summary lists the differences between print methods and gives examples of the types of printing produced.


Litho printing

Lithographic printing utilises zinc plates and rollers to impress images directly onto paper. Litho printing is available in black on white, pantone colours and full colour, and can be printed on stock up to 600gsm in short or long print runs. You can use litho printing to produce a range of business literature, including flyers, invitations, postcards, folders, greetings cards and booklets.


litho printing


Thermographic printing

You can use thermographic printing techniques to add a high quality look to any required printing. The thermographic technique couples traditional printing methods with thermographic methods to create a raised and glossy print. It works by use of a powder and heating process to provide raised printing, giving a classy look that cannot be matched. Common uses for thermographic printing include business letterheads, business cards, invitations, and compliment slips.

thermographic printing

Foil printing

Foil printing is used to enhance printed sheets to add a shiny effect and requires the creation of a magnesium block which is placed on the printer and heated. The paper is then placed on the printer with foil between the block and the paper. The pressure and heat combined then release pigments from the foil and transfer them to the paper. You can opt for a wide range of foil finishes, including metallic colours and holographic finishes. Foil printing is very effective for invitations and cards, but it can be used to add a glitzy finish to any form of business printing.


foil printing



The embossed printing process is very similar to foil printing, requiring the manufacture of a separate block to create raised surface areas. This creates a three dimensional raised effect, although it's also possible to create a lowered effect, called debossing. Embossing is a popular way to create letterheads, business cards and compliment slips that create an immediate impact.


embossing printer

Digital printing

Digital printing involves the transfer of electronic files to a printer which will accept both text and graphics input. Page images are redrawn by the digital printer, so it is not essential to create a plate for each required print. Digital printing is a very speedy process and can be far more effective for short print runs and small, one-off print jobs. Some common uses of digital printing include flyers, posters, presentations, postcards and look books.

digital printing


When you opt for professional printing services you can also benefit from a wide range of additional services, including:


Binding services

You can choose from comb binding, wire binding, perfect binding or saddle stitching to ensure the most perfect finish for all your printing. When you choose wire binding, machines will punch holes in all the pages and then the wire binding machine adds the c-shaped wire which binds all pages together. Wire binding is ideal for reports and presentations which are unlikely to require additional editing at any stage. Comb binding is more flexible and allows for pages to be updated easily, it is a popular choice for educational establishments and businesses. Saddle stitching is common for books, newsletters and catalogues which have less than 64 pages. Perfect binding is the method used for paperback books and entails use of a thermal glue for binding the pages and cover together. Perfect binding will give a professional appearance to books, magazines and reports and allows the booklet to sit on shelves with the spine showing.

binding services


Large format prints and posters

Large format printing machines can produce a variety of materials that are ideal for advertising or exhibition purposes. You can opt for full colour posters in sizes from A4 to A0 or choose bespoke sizes up to a width of 1.5m. You can also print posters on a variety of different materials, including vinyl, satin, canvas or banners. Canvas prints are ideal for showcasing products to perfection, as the prints can be stretched and mounted into frames to create beautiful images that look great in business reception areas. Banner printing can be used for temporary or permanent advertising purposes and can be printed on a range of materials, including mesh or PVC. Digital printing machines are generally used for banner printing, and the banners can be custom created to suit customer specifications.

large format digital printing


Opting for professional printers to carry out your business print jobs means you receive printing to the required standards every time. Instant Print W1 is a leading London-based printer offering all the services above and more. Contact us for more details.


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