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5 poster design techniques from countries around the world

Beautiful poster design isn't exclusive to one location - each place around the world has their own set of styles, skills and design elements that make their artwork truly unique. Here are five poster design techniques from around the world that we love:

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1. Thailand


With a focus on the beautiful water surrounding Thailand, many of the posters featuring the country include references to the water-based culture of Thailand, featuring boats alongside a bounty of beautiful architecture. Oranges and blue both feature a great deal in Thailand's graphic poster designs, representing both the water and the amazing sunsets that the country is known for.

The typography used to represent Bangkok, and Thailand in general, has a broad oriental feel, with flourishes and multiple lines included in the design. Flowing lines, silhouettes and complementary colours are common themes in the design techniques used for Thai design.

2. Africa


Featuring natural tones and textures in contrast to vibrant reds and greens, this Africa-inspired poster utilises traditional earthy tones that meld perfectly with the Hessian-style backdrop. The font used has a bold feel that marries perfectly with the larger-than-life feel of the poster design.

The inclusion of a patterned outer design also subtly references African culture, mimicking the designs and beading used in cultural items and clothing - using a wide variety of techniques and influences within its design that maintains a bold and vibrant finish that's sure to capture attention.

3. Copenhagen


If contemporary art and design is your style, posters by modern Copenhagen artists such as Anne Nowak offer a unique take on the artist and graphics scene in Danish culture. Stunning pieces like this one by Anne Nowak provide beautiful colour in stark contrast to plain backgrounds, with simplicity being key in their techniques.

With equal emphasis on boldness and organic curves, these posters offer an individual and abstract take on Danish culture. Deep and vibrant colours mix equally for dramatic impact. In comparison to other modern art, the design techniques used are very organic and smooth, feeling fluid and natural in shape instead of structured and geometric.

4. Australia


With abundant vintage travel posters to choose from, colour block and 50s style are everywhere when it comes to Australian poster design, following traditional poster design from America and Europe around the same time. Favouring block colours in bold contrasting tones such as reds, purples and blues, these techniques certainly stand out.

This poster design from Perth features classic design elements from the era, including vibrant colour block and bold lettering alongside cursive text. Simplified imagery and design work leave aspects of the imagery to your imagination, while still getting the message across.

5. Berlin


If strong design choices and stark contrast in art is your kind of thing, Berlin's selection of posters provides the bold modern design in spades. Representing the current and art-conscious modern Germany, these designs marry stark black and white prints with vibrant, even primary shades to offer a pared down use of colour.

Germany is known as a streamlined and efficient country, and the design techniques aren't much different - appearing fluid at a distance, like the pieces from Copenhagen, but much more structured and industrial up close, they forgo organic design for precise placement and bold, unadorned typography.

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