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Graphic design roundup 2017

Graphic Design Trends of 2017 Review


The world of graphic design is continually evolving. Trends come and go and 2017 has been no exception. With a raft of new graphic design trends changing the face of graphic design over the past year, we thought we'd celebrate some of the best ones in our graphic design roundup of 2017. Whether you're a fan of the trends below or not, there's no denying they have been widespread over the past year.

Loud colours

In years gone by, graphic design has been all about washed out or muted colours. 2017 saw everything change. Over the past year more and more posters, websites and more have been embracing bright colours. Brands which previously shied away from bold colours were all of a sudden launching campaigns full of bright reds, oranges and greens. Whether or not 'the brighter the better' trend will continue into 2018 remains to be seen but there's no mistaking the fact that brands have gone big on colour this year.


loud colours

Authentic Photography

2017 saw the much-needed move away from stock photography. There is now a greater demand for content than ever, and as a result, quality images are required. The sheer amount of photos required means creators have generally been tempted to make them as generic as they can. That leads to overuse and as a result, the authenticity is destroyed. 2017 saw designers and content creators realise that in order for readers to buy into the content, it has to be seen as authentic. As a result, we've seen a huge increase in the number of images created in-house.

Hand-drawn Graphics

The need for authentic photography has spilled over into other areas during the past year. Brands have been looking for ways to increase their authenticity not just in their photography, but in their icons and graphics too. Hand-drawn icons and graphics have seen brands being able to establish themselves and separate their brand from the competition. 2017 saw a push back on some of the more clinical designs we've seen in recent years and the introduction of a little more fun. Hand-drawn designs helped brands to introduce fun without coming across as inexperienced or unprofessional.


graphic design



Last but by no means least, 2017 was the year of duotones. Although you may not be familiar with the term, we can guarantee you will have seen duotones in use over the past year. They work by combining two usually extremely bright or contrasting colours on a single image. Spotify were among the first companies to introduce duotones and now it can be seen across pretty much everything they do. Not only has their approach to duotones seen them stand out against other music streaming competitors, but the strong brand image it has created has made Spotify easily identifiable throughout the entire music industry. Once again, duotones is a bold graphic design technique, which was aided in its popularity by the general shift away from a toned back design.

So there you have it, 2017 was the year of loud colours, duotones, authentic imagery and it saw the introduction of a little playfulness into design. With 2018 on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how the ideas from 2017 are built upon next year.




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