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Screen Printing Culture Today.


Chris Keegan - Silver Sunset - From PrintClubLondon.

As the features on our blog continue to gain momentum, the readers – hopefully! – build curiosity and the subjects we cover start to positively situate the print medium in the present day; we begin to establish some common themes.


The way we interact with other more traditional mediums that have been omni-present since the dawn of the modern printing press has wholly changed. The kindle – at least in its early stages of release – typified this transformation from physical to digital. Thousands of years of books where superseded by a digital library that is almost infinite now, a reality.

Recent statistics are likely to only touch the surface of the colossal decline in book sales, with few book shops boasting as extensive range as the pre-kindle book-reading era.  It seemed that we attributed little importance to this shift but now the results and affects are clear.

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Media Convergence, Innovation and Creative Tendencies In Print Amongst Youth Cultures.

prt_344x431_1412539955                                                             Photos : www.r-elharrak.co.uk/About-Red

Media convergence is a notion that is most easily and swiftly understood by the change in the television. Televisions are not, just, as such anymore, they have become multiple platform machines with access to the internet and various media forms contained within its multi-functional façade. Here at IPW1 we feel it important to understand new trends in print and the media.

Media Convergence

The fact is whether we look at the palm sized computer in our hands or the ability to command something online that creates movements and actions in the real, physical world, we are living in a heavily digital society with – essentially – computers, of all sizes, containing ALL of the forms of traditional media in one.  This represents media convergence.

ces-hero-image-v1 2

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Print Culture, Bohemia and IPW1 – Fitzrovia.


The set of associations, feelings and atmosphere that is conjured in relation to a cities, areas, neighbourhoods, districts – or in a quintessentially Londonesque sense, its postcodes -  is complex and conjured from a long history of inhabitants, businesses, activity and culture that has bourgeoned in the specific area.


[Bourne and Hollingsworth - Fitzrovia]



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Adding Value to Print Media in the Digital Age.

Of all media in the present day, there is one that has stuck with us since we started recording ink on paper. And since the revolutionary printing press made information available to the masses. Nothing can rival print’s ubiquity; from the huge readership of The London Evening Standard today to the influential Lord Kitchener’s Your Country Needs You 1914 WW1 campaign. Print is all around us but in the digital age adding value to print is important as our relationship to it undergoes shifts and changes.



[Above] Foil Printing at IPW1

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Featured Print Style : Thermography


[IPW1 Thermography for Victoria Beckham]

Thermographic printing is a technique referring to the variety of technology that creates this style. There are two distinct types of the process. Both rely on heat as part of the equation to create the letters, images or a combination of any sort.

Of all the range of printing styles and approaches – of which there are many - some render timelessness, aesthetic appreciation and of course the detail associated with print un-rivalled to any other medium. It is the tangibility of print that I refer to; and long after touch-screens have transformed into something less than paper thin and tired eyes relentlessly scan over the next advanced smart books these techniques ensure our relationship with print endures.

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"Behold a canvas vast. Set upon it golden arabesques"

- Victor Hugo


You may not think of media as technologies. Or even some of the most basic examples of technologies as media. But to achieve our most instinctive desires we employed technologies to aid us solve problems, fashioning a point out of flint or using animal and vegetable elements with a brush to paint on walls and communicate stories. Just as we invented a range of technologies like quills , ink and later pencils to produce books to communicate and record; so have we created modern technologies in the age of mass communication that introduce a whole new dynamic to social life. The effects of these rapid changes cannot be underestimated and as we can observe - the effects of which don't always become clear until these media technologies become integral to how we define ourselves and the world around us.

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Modern Simplicity in Printing and Design

As our lives – particularly in the modern urban environment – become increasingly mired in complexity, governed by productivity and dictated by time constraints it seems some facets of this contemporary rush become ever more simplistic. Simplicity within our architecture, fashion, colour schemes and in all elements of contemporary design has become common-place and clearly something we find pleasure in creating or observing. This can be seen in design and architecture all around us but particularly something I’ve observed through quality printing methods in amateur creative zines. Extreme attention to detail has always been compelling and effective but simplistic design is not always overly detailed. Achieving this contemporary look of balance and simplicity through detail, colour-way, layout and texture is a careful balance and something that quality material and the printing process contribute too.
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Thermography and how it works

The thermography printing process today uses traditional printing methods coupled with thermography machines. From business cards to letterheads, It is a great way to deliver your message and add that little touch of class to any print. This is a very cost effective way to add a raised gloss print and is created by passing your print through a powder and heating process.

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