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Chatting with Abokado


Talk to us about Abokado - what are the ethos and aims?
Abokado was born of a dream to change the way people ate . At Abokado, we believe in balance and that’s exactly what our menus offers. A range of fresh, Pacific inspired food, locally roasted coffee and cold pressed juices.

The relationship between yourselves and IPW1 - how did that come about?
We have been working with Glen and the team at IPW1 for 2-3 years now, our previous head of marketing worked with them and I have continued that relationship.

How important is that relationship to you?
Our relationship with the team is important, particularly as we’re a fast moving London business, and the pace at which we work is incredibly fast so we need partners working with us who are able to meet our timelines and Maintain quality... having a bit of fun along the way is also really important!

What are the kind of lead times you work? Is it often reactive and on the fly? Or do you have the luxury of longer lead times?
We have a mix of strategic longer term project, mixed with fast paced promotions given we operate on a highly competitive  industry. Sometimes we have months for projects, and other times, less than 48 hours!

How important is it to you that the stock/processes used in your material marry up with the content and what you’re trying to communicate?
Very important - our brand is about premium ingredients and great quality food and drink choices, so our production quality must match!

The quality of print output for you guys is of course crucial - but how far do you want to push that process?
improve our POS Quality and efficiency.


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