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Introducing the new Xerox Iridesse

The company that invented the photocopier, produced the first laser printer and introduced print-on-demand has announced another revolutionary product. The expression ‘game-changer' is bandied about all too often, but in the case of the Xerox Iridesse, it is an accurate assessment and IPW1 are the first company in Europe to offer this outstanding product.

All that glitters is not gold, but in this case, we do seem to have the gold medal winner as the Xerox Iridesse Production Press can print CMYK, gold, silver and clear dry ink with two speciality ink stations. The new press enables users to develop applications with spot colours, metallic, mixed metallic and bespoke enhancements.


xerox iridesse


• The specs are impressive with printing speeds of 120 pages per minute on sheet sizes of up to 13 x 19.2 inches, and this remarkable machine can manage stocks from 52 to 400 gsm.
• Other specification benefits include an HDEA toner process producing fine detail and a shallower gloss consistently.
• The EX-P 6 print server enables customisable work-flows for metallic applications and effective colour management capabilities.
• A pair of high-capacity feeders, inserter and bypass options allow users to manage eight stocks in one job or undertake runs with over 12000 sheets.
• There is also a host of finishing options including a two-sided trimmer, producing a professional edge when allied to its booklet maker finisher and SquareFold trimmer systems.


Customer Benefits

The Iridesse stands alone with its wonderful capabilities, but what does this mean for our customers? Amy Stear, worldwide iGen product Marketing Manager said: "We created the press to produce these special effects and digital enhancements cost-effectively and in a simplified workflow so our customers can seize the market opportunity and grow their businesses."

Glen Robins, the Sales Director at IPW1 added, "With Iridesse, we can create remarkable and eye-catching ads, cards, and posters with a simple setup and at high speeds. It’s a clear differentiator for us and it is what our customers are looking for. I’ve been in the print trade for 35 years now and I’ve never known a digital machine like it." Glen is keen to share the benefits of this product with all his customers as soon as possible. He is convinced this is a big win for all those who deal with IPW1.

The Iridesse produces major benefits across the business community. Designers are impressed by its vibrant colours, high-quality and intricate details allowing the design and print of high-value jobs cost-effectively; and for the Creative Director, being able to work with smaller clients and offer them creative services to print gold and silver finishes on items like menus and brochures is a major bonus as previously the ability to print enhancements on very small print runs had not been available.

The marketer can really make their products stand out and attract new customers with images that catch their customers’ attention and business. Marketers will love the augmented output of mixed metallic and standalone adornments, whether gold, silver, clear or a combination creating a rainbow of hues. Although this has been available for a while at the top end, the turnaround times and cost/benefits of traditional processes have not allowed it to be generally available until now.

As direct mail and print product catalogues are experiencing a renaissance, the ability of digital printing technology to step up with a special look or feel is a major boon. When marketers decide to print, they want something they can’t get through digital media alone, something exceptional that stands out from its competitors catches the eye of consumers and enhances brand impact and awareness. The Iridesse Press delivers this in spades and is setting new standards for what can be achieved as the market and the business moves forward.

In the USA, David Tobman, who owns a printing operation in Los Angeles, ordered the first working Iridesse press in the USA. He is certain that the Xerox Iridesse will be a revolutionary addition to his business due to its ability to prise open new opportunities like producing authentic metallics on uncoated materials and delivering an improved productivity turnaround time. Combined with its promotion of lower click charges this makes it a dead cert winner. IPW1 are just as convinced that this revolutionary new printer will be a winning product for all its customers.

Wherever you are in the business chain and whatever business you are in, this fantastic new printer will make a difference. Anyone looking for that all-important competitive edge should be seeking out the company that uses this exceptional machine. We are now experiencing the next stage of evolution of the digital printer, delivered in solid gold style by the Xerox Iridesse Press and proudly offered to our customers by IPW1.

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