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About Foil Printing and Embossing

We provide high quality foil printing and embossing services at our shop in Central London. Foil printing is the way of enhancing a printed sheet, which is done by printing a pattern with the foil on the item to create shiny effect.

Embossing is an elegant process similar to foiling in that a block is made to raise areas of a surface the level of the rest. In printing, an imprint is created on the surface by having it pressed against plates.

How does Foil Printing work?

The process of foil printing is relatively easy, and begins with a magnesium block being made. The magnesium block is then placed upon the printing machine and then heated to the correct temperature. The paper is then positioned on the table of the machine. The two are brought together with the foil between and with an amount of pressure. Due to the pressure and heat being combined, the pigment is released from the foil and the image is transferred from the image to the paper…and it’s done! Make sure to choose from a wide range of colour foils which also include metallic colours with holographic finishes.

Foil printing can be used in various ways, the most popular use being a decorative nature on invitations. You are not only limited to this use as you can produce your entire invitation using foil blocking. Also great to make your company logo stand out and add that little bit of glitz to any document whether it be a piece of stationery or to highlight something in a company brochure.

How does Embossing work?

Embossing is a non-inked process by which a metal die (usually composed of brass, magnesium or copper) is used under high pressure and heat to raise/push the text or graphic above the surface of a sheet of paper so an eye-popping, 3-dimensional effect is created. This is embossing whereas if the design is lowered rather than raised, it is called debossing. Business cards can be blind embossed, which ink or foil is not applied on the imprint. An imprint with colour or foil applied will add another visual appealing and distinctive element to the item.

Another method of embossing is the use of a ready-made paper and running it through a printing press, which will then be dampened and pressed against a plate.

The most popular applications of embossing can be found on letterheads, compliment slips, business cards and invitations. Alternatively you can simply emboss a shape or detail which will give a very high end finish to your printing. Embossing can be used in conjunction with print or on its own.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our foil printing and embossing services. We’d gladly help with any of your enquiries!

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