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About Presentations and Binding

We offer a range of binding services at our shop in Central London to meet your needs. Whether you prefer Wire binding, Comb binding, Saddle Stitching or Perfect binding, our binding machines will enable you to enhance your presentations, proposals, documents and more.

Wire Binding

In this binding method, holes are punched in the pages and then the wire binding machine is used to close the c-shaped wire which binds together the pages. The advantage of wire binding is that it is fast and inexpensive, and the document maintains a neat appearance while the pages are bound so securely that they will not fall out. It is also important to note that once the document pages are bound together, it will be extremely difficult to edit them and the binding wire cannot be used again. Wire binding is suitable for presentations including: large format presentations, reports, brochures, calendars and manuals.

Comb Binding

Plastic comb binding is a very popular method of binding. Binding machines are available with manual or electric punching, which can be used for small to medium volume jobs and medium to high volume jobs respectively. Pages can be easily updated due to the flexible plastic binding, and the same binding comb can be re-used. Comb binding can come in a variety of colours and are widely used by businesses, schools, or home use.

Saddle Stitching (Stapling)

Another popular method of binding, Saddle Stitching involves folded sheets being gathered together, one inserted into the other, and then stapled through the fold. Saddle Stitched is commonly used for books and other documents including catalogues, newsletters, calendars and booklets. This method is most suitable for a limited number of pages (usually 64 pages or less) because books with a large number of pages may become bulky when folded and may not lay flat.

Perfect Binding

This binding method is similar to the paperback, and it involves the use of a flexible thermal glue to bind the cover and pages together at the spine. To get the ‘perfect’ edges, the other three sides of the book are trimmed. Perfect binding gives magazines, books, reports, and brochures a professional look as well as a visual appeal, which sits nicely at the shelf with the spine showing. Another benefit is that this method is less expensive to produce than hardcover books.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our binding services at our shop in Central London. We’d gladly help with any of your enquiries!

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